SEASON 9 was filmed on location in Texas
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Being a participant on Ammo & Attitude was a memorable experience. This was my first time shooting any type of 3 Gun so I was unaware of what to expect. When we arrived on set, I was excited to find out that we were camping during our stay. I love being outdoors and after all, you can never predict what nature is going to do when you decide to invade its space. Usually, it provides you with some stories to take home, as did this experience. The ladies, I had the honor to compete with, were awesome. They guided me through the challenges implementing their own personal experiences, which was helpful and appreciated. By the end of the show we built a pretty good bond with one another. It never felt like a competition, just a group of friends hanging out and burning some powder. There’s always room for improvement and its experiences like Ammo & Attitude that help you see what you need to focus more on. I was aware of some of my weaknesses going into the show but things are a little different when you’re being filmed as your shooting. I had a lot of fun and met some pretty cool people on set. I can’t wait to see these ladies on the range in future events.

Sarah Thomas

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to go through this experience with. We all brought something to table in support of each other on and off camera. I have no doubt we will be friends for life and carry with us an experience we will never forget. Thank you Miss Shipman, and to all of our fabulous sponsors!

Danielle “Pinky” Pinkston

I cannot begin to describe the experience. My paradigm about what I was capable of and what I would be able to accomplish while working with women I’d never met before, in situations that sometimes seemed like combat, was shattered. It was hard, it hurt, and brought tears to my eyes. But by the end of it, the pieces came back together as an adventure that I’d do again in a heartbeat. Thank you Ms. Stephanie Shipman of The Shipman Agency for the amazing adventure.

Judy Lamb

I had a blast on season 7 of Ammo & Attitude! It’s truly a unique experience and Ms. Shipman is a fantastic lady to work with. It’s exciting to see all the hardwork that goes on behind the scenes that makes the show a success. By far the best parts of the experience were the camaraderie and new friendships, a bond only we will share from being on the show. If you like a good shooting challenge and meeting new people, don’t hesitate to apply for next season.

Bobbi Hedegard