SEASON 9 was filmed on location in Texas
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On the air for 10 years broadcasting on Discovery Communications, American Hero’s Channel, The Blaze and Pursuit Channel, the show has been nominated for numerous TELLY AWARDS and 4 People’s Choice Awards in Cinematography, Entertainment, Sports and Editing. This unprecedented achievement has never been given to a half hour property in the outdoor programming industry. In it very first season 2008, Ammo & Attitude was recognized for outstanding achievement in outdoor programming at the Bugle awards where it took home the honor of Best New Show and Best Overall Show.

Ammo & Attitude is an outdoor television original and the first of its kind in reality outdoor programming. A true women-only outdoor oriented reality show, based on a woman’s ability in the outdoors. This is “Survivor” meets the “Apprentice”– Outdoor Style!

The Show features six women that are experienced in various outdoor disciplines. Contestants compete in extreme outdoor challenges that range from shooting sports, hunting techniques, wilderness survival, trekking and various other sports, all activities are revealed just moments before each competition begins!! Experts in the Industry observe and judge the performance of each individual participant based on their personal abilities and level of skills as outdoors women, ultimately to determine the fate of each contestant. As the process of elimination progresses with each challenge, someone will be sent home, to leave One final Contestant, THE WINNER.

Owner of The Shipman Group

35 year seasoned Hollywood veteran in the worldwide media arena. Her creative ideas and no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” business style are legendary and have allowed her to rise to the top of her field among advertising agencies, television shows and production houses of her size nationwide. Shipman was once described in National print as “Aggressive, demanding, relentless and passionate, exactly what you want on your team and for your company!’”

Shipman has 30 Tellys and 4 People’s Choice Awards to her name and is the only Female Executive Producer within the programming outdoor genera in the world. She single-handedly changed and introduced women into the outdoor industry with her Nationally acclaimed hit television show: “Ammo and Attitude”.

“The Right Stuff” and “Shot to the Heart” were soon to follow.

Jan 2016 Shipman suffered a tragic accident that shattered her right clavicle, severed her pectoral muscles and trapezoid. Her amazing orthopedic surgeon rebuilt her and now her entire right chest and clavicle are pure titanium, steel cables and aluminum… a modern day bionic women. Shipman’s dedication to CrossFit has literately turned her into the female version of “The Terminator”

Ms. Shipman packs a lethal weapon of beauty and brains to form one of the most unique and results-oriented media houses ever created. Her current relationship with hundreds of Hollywood stars, studios, nationwide sponsors clients, media outlets and distributors allows her to continue to provide the commitment to excellence in marketing and adverting her clients and shows are accustomed to having.

Shipman began her career in 1986 in Hollywood, CA, where she began as an associate producer for the hit television show, “Love Connection.” Shipman own hit television show, “Krazy about California.” stayed in syndication for 10 years on the West Coast until her retirement in 1999.

In 2001 she came out of retirement to form The Shipman Agency, Inc. a full-service National advertising agency, television creation and production house. Her creative efforts have produced such hit television shows as “Your Custom Home,” “Glamour Girl”, and “The Glass Slipper Show.”

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National Sales Director US and Eastern Division

Ryan is a 30-year veteran in media buying, consultation and direct impact sales. His career has included fortune 500 company’s products and brands.

Known as “THE BULLDOG” Ryan gets it done and has dedicated his entire life to the media and growing companies through effective product placement, media platforms and directives.

He enjoys weekends at his lake house and with his two prizes German Shepherds: Hans and Solo

Sales Director-Central Region

Penny’s, Masters Degree in Marketing and Communications has assisted hundreds of companies and marketing departments to understand the power of television advertising and branding. Her specialty is Small Business Development.

She attributes success to her love of Starbucks coffee and Designer shoes … a must each day!

Sales Director Mountain/Pacific Divisions

Gunner received his name from his Grandfather who was an avid outdoorsman. His PHD in Business brings incite and straight line direction to all clients in need to true business and marketing direction.

Don’t even think about bothering Gunner when he is golfing, dining or consulting with a client…….This is the 7th rule

Creative Director

Patrick’s 15-year film and television career has included top Hollywood names, clients and campaigns. His eye for the “unique and out of the box” approach is extraordinary.

His passions include busting Stolen Valor phony’s and CrossFit.

Director of Social Media

Aaron is the owner of WSI internet partners: a website and social media company specializing in web platforms, digital and social media marketing and integrations.

Aaron loves the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Director of IT

Scott’s 15-year experience in computer systems and operational platforms make for his nickname “Albert” as in Einstein, well deserved.

He and his beautiful wife are champion ballroom dancers and love their cats.