SEASON 9 was filmed on location in Texas
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Season Five

Randi Rogers – Host

The host for Ammo and Attitude 2013 will be Randi Rogers.

Randi Rogers is a world and nationally ranked competitive shooter and a outdoors industry professional. Randi began shooting with her grandfather when she was just 11 years old. Her grandfather, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, and grandmother, Karen “Wicked Felina” Pearcey, are active Cowboy Action Shooters and introduced Randi to competitive shooting. Randi, also known as “Holy Terror”, followed her grandparents to competitions becoming a champion within her individual classes, within the women’s shooting and with all level of shooters overall. While traveling and shooting Randi also achived a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing at the University of Northern Colorado. During her college career while still competeing in Cowboy Action shooting Randi was approached by GLOCK, Inc. to be part of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad. Randi accepted and after graduation accepted a full time position as a member of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad and with the GLOCK, Inc. Marketing and Advertising Department. While shooting for GLOCK Randi expanded into other handgun shooting sports including IDPA, USPSA, NRA Action Pistol and Steel Challenge Shooting.

In 2012, Randi made the exciting career move to work with Comp-Tac Victory Gear as their Marketing and Sales Manager and as a competitive shooter in Team Comp-Tac. Randi also expanded her shooting by competeing in her first 3Gun compeition with shotgun and rifle elements.

At the end of 2012 Randi has won over 35 world and national titles in seven different shooting sports. Randi is a true professional with a desire to train and inspire new shooters and continue to bring awareness to the competitive shooting sports and the outdoor industry. When Randi is not on the road or in the office, she enjoys outdoor activities such as running or mountain biking and currently resides in Texas.