SEASON 9 was filmed on location in Texas
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Season Ten

Tennille Chidester – Host

From Salt Lake City, UT, Tennille began shooting competitively in USPSA in her mid teens, now she has found her true passion as a 3-Gun competitor and firearms instructor. In addition to the fast-paced competition, it is the amazing people and camaraderie that draws Tennille to the competitive shooting sports. Tennille is pleased to have enjoyed nearly two decades in the shooting industry and is currently the General Manager of 3-Gun Nation.

In addition to competitive shooting, Tennille enjoys working with new shooters and regularly participates in “The Well Armed Woman” and “A Girl and A Gun” events, both organizations dedicated to helping women become more familiar and proficient with firearms. She is also a certified NRA instructor as well as a Concealed Carry instructor.

In her spare time, Tennille enjoys spending time with her two children and amazing husband both on and off the range. She is very thankful to have so much support from him to chase her passions! Tennille also loves scuba diving, iced coffees (Monster Java Vanilla Light), enjoys bright shiny objects, enthusiastically supports the 2nd amendment and strives to grow the shooting sports. She is thrilled to be hosting Ammo and Attitude Season 8.



Ashleigh is an Exercise Physiologist and GymnasticBodies Affiliate, with a master’s degree in Human/Clinical Nutrition through The University of Bridgeport. She is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist through The International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN), in addition to being one of the few CSCSs in Florida (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). She is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and Medical Exercise Specialist (MES). She’s been a competitive athlete her whole life, and now focusses her athletic efforts on 3-gun and pistol competition, Gymnastics Strength Training, and Weight Training. She’s sponsored by Devil Dog Arms, Grizzly Targets, and Clenzoil USA. Ashleigh is eagerly anticipating 2018 Ammo and Attitude!




Kim is 52 years old and lives in Las Vegas NV with her boyfriend Jamie and their two dogs Buster and Scoobs. Kim and Jamie started their graphics business 5150Vegas in 2016 specializing in custom cut gun wraps. Kim grew up in Washington state and has traveled and lived across the country and even lived in Korea for 3 years. Up until 5 years ago Kim was afraid of guns and didn’t want them in her house. After taking a concealed carry class Kim now has a new found respect and love of firearms and owns several of her own. Kim continues to train and has ventured into competitive shooting. Kim enjoys shooting IDPA, Steel Challenge and 3 Gun matches. The friends Kim has met while shooting have become more like family members. When Kim is not working on growing their business she enjoys spending time at the range and encouraging other women to experience shooting. I am honored to be selected as a contestant on Season 9 of Ammo and Attitude.



Lori was born in Danville, Illinois and grew up as a step-Greek in a restaurant family.

Her love of the outdoors was ignited by a local summer camp, Indian Springs. She learned to enjoy horses, hayrides, campfires, hiking and water sports at an early age. Excelling at sports, Lori was an active teenager, participating in softball, tennis, volleyball and racquetball.

Lori followed her love of animals and the sciences and attended the University of Illinois both for undergraduate studies and the College of Veterinary Medicine. Lori has practiced in the northern suburbs of Chicago since graduating Vet School in 1988. Working at both a mixed practice and a group small animal practice, Lori eventually opened her own practice, Blackwell Mobile Veterinary Services, in 1998.

Lori shot her first pistol with some friends at a tourist range in Las Vegas at the age of 49. Intrigued, she took a few lessons with a local instructor and was hooked! She unfortunately has liked everything she has tried and now has a full safe and a small bank account. Lori now enjoys shooting trap and competes in 3 Gun, IDPA and USPSA.

Lori became involved with the national organization The Well Armed Woman in 2014, first as a member then as a Chapter Leader. Enjoying the satisfaction that comes with teaching firearm safety, Lori opened a side business, FOMO Firearm Training.

Also passionate about the 2nd Amendment, Lori became the Illinois Delegate for The DC Project. This organization is fifty women, one from each state, that creates relationships with our legislators to put a different face on the 2nd Amendment.

Although self protection is where this journey started, Lori feels that the best part of the shooting community is the lifelong friendships forged along the way!




Shannon was born and raised in California and moved to the southeast when she was 19. Currently living in Buford, GA with her husband, Tony, (married 27 years) and has two children, Lauren (26), and Alex (23), and a Golden-Doodle, Bailey. She loves the outdoors and staying active. She participated in various competitive sports (obstacle races, triathlons, and road races). After a series of injuries (back and knee), she retired from the racing. When one door closes, another opens… she began shooting 3 years ago to get comfortable with her new conceal carry pistol… then began the love affair with shooting. Shooting at the range, dry firing at home, more training classes, steel shoots, pin shoots, USPSA. She’s an NRA certified RSO, completed the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program as a Distinguished Expert, a member of The Well Armed Woman, and recently shot a perfect 100% score for the FBI Pistol Qualification Course. On the career side of things, she’s a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional, a certified Arborist, and also teaches students about plants and basic wilderness skills at Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature. Shannon is very excited and honored to be a contestant on Ammo & Attitude!




Stephanie is legal assistant and private investigator. She has been shooting for approximately six years and has been instructing firearms courses as an NRA and Nebraska CCW Instructor for almost three years. Stephanie is also a Facilitator for the A Girl & A Gun Western Nebraska Chapter. Her passions include encouraging women to get involving in the shooting sport and for self defense, and living life, enjoying new experiences even if that includes overcoming fears! Stephanie is from Gering, Nebraska.




From the Upper Left, USA…Northwest Washington, Susan, began her shooting addiction when she was turning 50. After an accident and empty nest she had a void to fill and found it in the shooting sports.
Susan shoots in local leagues as well as travels the nation shooting USPSA and her main love, 3 Gun. She is part of the next big thing in shooting sports…..Women Older 50! The group is the Lady Invasion and has about 45 women that are close friends and travel, shooting competitions together.

Susan is also involved with “The Well Armed Woman”, “A Girl and a Gun”, and is on the ‘Shoot Like A Girl” team that travels around the US. She is also an NRA Firearms instructor and loves inspiring and empowering women who have never picked up a firearm. There is nothing like watching them just glow with empowerment!

Susan is also passionate about the 2 Amendment and represents Washington state in the “DC Project”. The D.C. Project is a nonpartisan initiative where 50 women from 50 states meet and establish relationships with their legislators to meet a real gun owner and 2 A supporter as well as have a resource for information or education on firearms related topics.

In her spare time, she loves being a homebody with her hunky hubby, David, on their 20+ acres and no one around. We love our little home on the hill. I love puttering around outside in the yard and garden while all my critters, 4 dogs, 3 cats (and someday livestock), running around and eagles soaring above. We also love spending time in Alaska each year to fish and hunt to recharge and do it all again! I love my life!!!!